Mould4Plast aims to develop a specific training on Plastic Mould Making so participants will acquire relevant and high-quality skills and competences that will multiply their possibilities to be hired. The reason is that there is a need of specialized toolmakers and professionals with the appropriated skills and/or competences to perform Plastic Mould Making in the companies working for the automotive sector.

Probably, the automotive sector is one of the most demanding sector for mould makers in Europe so it is important that the mould makers acquire their competences according the specific needs of the end-users of plastic components for this relevant industrial sector.

The training modules use a blended learning approach, involving innovative and modern learning methodology and didactical approaches. 

Therefore, a combination of the following methodologies Has being applied:

- Digital learning: online learning tools will be used to enable learning outside the classroom but also collaborative learning. Platforms as MOODLE will be used and tailored to the learners needs.

- Work-based learning aiming for integrating and linking learning in everyday working processes. This will ensure learning content is relevant for the individuals work requirements and the transfer of learning into praxis as well as its evaluation is granted.

- Collaborative learning with a trainer/teacher. They will apply methodologies that ensure direct interaction with the trainer and among learners as using group activities but also concepts as flipped classroom will be used. All learning processes apply a learner centred approach.